Don't disqualify Hatari or Iceland from Eurovision

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Why was this petition founded?

This petition was founded in direct response to Mr. Gavin Coulson's petition: "Iceland Disqualified from Eurovision".

What's the goal of this petition?

The goal of this petition is to prevent getting Hatari or Iceland disqualified from the Eurovision Song Contest, as well as to make a statement for peace – especially between the Israelian and Palestinian people.

What happened?

During the final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, which was held in Tel Aviv/Israel, the Icelandic Band Hatari held some "Palestine"-banners into the camera during the voting sequence. This was – by some viewers – interpreted as a gesture of contempt against the hosting country Israel.

Why sign this petition?

With this petition, we want to make a statement for peace – especially between Israel and Palestine. Nothing of what Hatari did was done with malicious intent. Rather they did it to raise awareness about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. A topic that usually would've had no place during Eurovision, which sees itself as a non-political contest. 

Raising awareness!

The video above gives an impression of what Hatari is actually about. The video was published by "Iceland Music News" – a satirical news channel closely related to Hatari. On May 7th they visited the Remembrance Day celebrations of "The Parents Circle-Families Forum". The PCFF "is a grassroots organization of Palestinian and Israeli families who have lost immediate family members due to the conflict". Both sides of the conflict were given a chance to freely speak what's on their hearts and minds: what they think about the conflict, what they think about the political situation in Palestine and Israel, offer a very personal insight look into the situation, etc..

Is this petition made by someone connected to Hatari?

No. I'm just a fan of the band. This petition is not officially endorsed or made by Hatari (or their crew). In fact, this is the first petition I've ever created.

What's our motto?