Support Ukrainian doctors

Support Ukrainian doctors

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Почему эта петиция важна

Автор: Alexander Turkevych

Dear colleagues,

We are writing you on behalf of Ukrainian doctors, on behalf of the whole Ukraine and also – on behalf of all progressive mankind

On February, 24th, 2022 at 5AM Russia brutally attacked Ukraine from the East, South, North and by air. By launching an unjustified and unprovoked full-scale war in the very heart of Europe, Russia declared the war not just against Ukraine, but against the whole civilized democratic world.

The medical society is always on the edge on what’s happening on the planet Earth. It has a powerful voice that allows to speak up, influence and drive real changes. During these tough and dark times for Ukraine and the global community, we ask you to use this voice now to support Ukraine, protect humanity and help us stop the war.

In this situation Russian people and Russian doctors categorically do not worry not only about the life of Ukrainian people and children, but even about the life of their own soldiers

So, we ask you to support our request to the international medical associations:

1. Stop any relationships with Russia.

2. Refuse to participate in the upcoming medical events in Russia.

3. Suspend the membership of Russian specialists, both personal and collective, in the international professional organization as a sign of solidarity with Ukraine and as a protest against the Russian aggression in Ukraine!

4. Express your support for Ukraine on your own media and address your global audience to stand with Ukraine. Use #standwithukraine, #stopthewar,#saveukraine hashtags.

5. Collaborate with your ambassadors to create awareness campaigns.

Time is crucial for Ukraine now. Every minute – is another Russian military missile trying to destroy our cities and kill our people. In our fast world we rely on your rapid and powerful response.

We will not talk more about war, but this moment Russians have killed more than 20 children!

Will be very grateful to receive official answer in mail❗️❗️❗️

Join us in our fight for Ukraine.

For humanity.

For the whole world.

2 020 людей подписали. Следующая цель: 2 500