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Escalating violence in the Middle-East: the European Union must ratify the Arms Trade Treaty

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The escalating violence in Iraq at the moment concerns the entire Middle-East region. Civilians are slaughtered, massive displacements will follow, as has happened in Syria over the past three years.  Religion is instrumentalized.  This war could become massive and drag the whole international community into violence.

We will not stop wars unless we stop delivering weapons to the warring parties. 

This is why Secours Catholique – Caritas France calls for ratification of the Arms Trade Treaty : it has been adopted in 2013 by the United Nations, and ratified by 40 countries out of 50 that are needed in order to enter into force.  It will then become an effective instrument of arms control, and contribute to desecalation of violence, a prealable to a political solution to the conflict.


Secours Catholique – Caritas France asks the European Parliament, at its first Session on July 1st-3rd, to ensure that all the 28 European states ratify the Treaty, thus giving a strong signal to the international community.

As Pope Francis declared in Jordan, on May 24, fon the first day of his pilgrimage in the Holy Land : All of us want peace! But as we observe this tragic conflict, seeing these wounds, seeing so many people who have left their homeland, forced to do so, I ask myself: who is selling arms to these people to make war? Behold the root of evil! Hatred and financial greed in the manufacturing and sale of arms

As Pope Francis urges us, each of us, wherever he is, can pray for peace and contribute to a political solution to the conflict.

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