Euronews on DTTV

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This petition aims to make Euronews available on DTTV.

The Euronews channel is broadcasted only on Satellite, available only to small fraction of european citizens. The European Union issues are partially covered by national broadcasters. There isn't any European-wide broadcasting service on DTTV and this affect the quality of Information about European Union.

Euronews SA is a private company controlled by some european broadcasters (e.g. France Télévisions and RAI) and funded by European Union budget without any call for proposals since it's considered a monopoly as EU Financial Regulations, art. 190(1)(c).

Euronews should be broadcasted on the members' channels but only 2 broadcasters are doing it causing waste of public resources.

Since broadcasters are failing to broadcast Euronews on their channels, we ask to activate a dedicated DTTV channel for Euronews in any member state to fullfill the pan-european objectives to whom it receives european funding.

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