Make Snake catcher a council job in Eurobodalla

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The snake bloke has been helping the community of Batemans’s Bay and surrounds for a number of years now. He has made him self available 24/7 and sunshine or rain attended to help many people by removing and relocating venomous snakes from houses, shops, businesses, schools, retirement homes, public places and even council its self.

He pays his own insurance, his own training courses and own equipment.

he does this because he is passionate about snakes and reptiles and their well being.

A lot of his work is done for free as many people refuse to pay or threaten both the snake/reptile and the snake bloke himself.

this means that almost every year he is going into his own pocket to keep every thing going to help these amazing creatures and trying to support his family.

not many people out there would make them selves available 24/7, not go on family holidays, travel crazy distances all over the south Coast only to have people refuse to pay or abuse them for a service they have done and done well.

i strongly believe that there is a need for a snake catcher in the Batemans bay and surrounds community and that council should look at hiring the snake bloke as a professional snake catcher.

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