Eulen America: Rehire the unjustly fired union activists at Ft. Lauderdale Airport!

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Eulen America, a notorious airline contractor for Delta and Spirit, has fired union activists at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport and we're not going to let them get away with it!

The fired cabin cleaners went on strike against Eulen this July as part of a four-airport protest over poor working conditions. At FLL, Eulen employees protested dangerous work conditions for cabin cleaners, including inadequate gloves, cleaning supplies, and lack of access to Hepatitis B vaccines—even though they’re exposed to blood and vomit. Two cabin cleaners were even stabbed with hypodermic needles on the job and were not given immediate medical attention.

Just a few weeks after going on strike, Eulen fired three union activists, Sandra Adams, Ahmet Elshekh, and Dafose Milord. Sandra is a formerly homeless woman, who helped win wage increases for more than 2,000 airport workers. Dafose is a mother of a disabled child, with family in Haiti that relies on her. Ahmet is a graduate student who was putting himself through school with his job at Eulen.

SIGN the petition and demand that Eulen immediately rehire the Sandra, Ahmet, and Dafose, and respect their workers' rights!