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We are advocating:

  • To protect national tax payers from unwise, unrealistic, and/or exotic technological mass transit ventures.
  • To protect the rights of private property owners from eminent domain.
  • To educate tax payers about the pros/cons of mass transit efforts before committing public funds to such efforts.

Some background:

The state of California has recently been surprised by the rapidly exploding construction expenses of their first High Speed Rail line. One wonders if California was perhaps a little short on impartial information that would have aided their decision making on their commitment to High Speed Rail.

Next generation alternatives such as Magnetic Levitation and Hyperloop have been highly touted. Magnetic Levitation has had decades of funding from foreign governments. Hyperloop, on the other hand, has had endorsement from prominent tech celebrities such as Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson. This celebrity aura has distracted attention away from the high technical risk and expenses inherent in these exotic technologies. There seems to be a shortage of impartial information yet available from sources traditionally funded and trusted at the Federal level.

Congressional decision making will benefit from impartial and trusted information that does not exclude low cost and low risk transit alternatives. Cost and risk of alternatives are reduced by using technical approaches that combine innovation with proven technologies. One such example is the AirTrac Transport System. Several traditionally funded federal research institutions have expressed that AirTrac is deserving of further study.


“This petition requests congressional support to influence US Department of Transportation in order to fund a timely and impartial study of next generation mass transit technologies which includes consideration of the AirTrac system.”