Eugene Melnyk: Sell the Ottawa Senators

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The Ottawa Senators organization has seen an unprecedented mass exodus of talent. A competitive core has been stripped down and traded away piecemeal because of owner and CEO Eugene Melnyk's unwillingness to pay players in a competitive manner. Under Melnyk, star after star has left Ottawa, unwilling to play for his franchise any longer. 

Since reaching the ECF in 2017, Melnyk's franchise has traded away players Erik Karlsson, Mark Stone, Matt Duchene, Ryan Dzingel, Kyle Turris, Derrick Brassard, and Mike Hoffman - the core to an undeniably competitive team, comprised of players in or entering their primes. Normally, mismanagement of assets would fall squarely on the shoulders of the GM; but it's common knowledge in the hockey community that deals have to go through Melnyk himself. Rumours swirled at the 2018 trade deadline that a deal for superstar Erik Karlsson was vetoed by Melnyk for failing to include Bobby Ryan.

Furthermore, Melnyk's lack of cash and inability to negotiate have led to negotiations for a downtown rink falling apart, resulting in nearly 2B in lawsuits between partners. The current rink is located 45 minutes out of downtown Ottawa, something Melnyk neglects to mention when he complains about team attendance. Melnyk himself admitted that he cut hockey operations down to the bare bones in an interview at the Sens' last outdoor game - the same interview where he threatened to move the team.

Melnyk himself was formerly in a position where he released a public plea for help after learning that he would need a liver transplant. An anonymous donor stepped up to the plate, saving Melnyk's life, asking only for Melnyk to bring a cup to Ottawa. Melnyk has proceeded to disrespect the fanbase (and specifically this hero of a fan) with his total organizational mismanagement. 

Fans have very little to be hopeful for, and Melnyk has done nothing of late to prove himself and his organization worthy of our patronage. Ottawa has recently seemed like a farm team for the rest of the NHL - developing prospects into star players and then sending those players away. I am calling on Eugene Melnyk to sell the Ottawa Senators to the (reportedly) interested names which have thus far been reported: OSEG or Laliberté. I am also calling on Senators fans to boycott the franchise until Melnyk either sells or ices a competitive on-ice product.

We deserve better. #MelnykOut

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