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Create a Railroad Quiet Zone

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(To see the City of Eugene's Quiet Zone proposal, click here.)

Eugene is a lot noisier than it needs to be.  By law, trains that travel through cities without an established Quiet Zone must blare their horn four times at every intersection.  For Eugene, this adds up to over 1,000 horn blasts per day, blasts which can be plainly heard throughout the entire city — all the way to the city limits and beyond.

When you consider that train crossings are well-marked and predictable, and that cars and large trucks are not required to sound their horns through every intersection, then horns that are so loud they can be heard inside the houses of Eugene residents more than a mile away seems over-zealous and unnecessary.

Constant, unnecessary, or harsh noise has been shown in numerous studies to cause undue stress which can affect all areas of life.  Furthermore, train horns can disturb sleeping which affects the productivity and mental well-being of Eugene residents who live even at the edge of the city — especially in the summertime, when sound travels farther during the clear, cool nights, and people are more likely to have their windows open.

There are already over 600 Quiet Zones across the country — including Portland and Salem — providing for safety without the need of a horn. According to a study commissioned by the City of Eugene, "A quiet zone with the appropriate Supplemental Safety Measures is safer than the current situation." (United Front Federal Priorities 2009).

Eugene is currently considering creating such a Quiet Zone.

A Quiet Zone would increase livability in Eugene by instilling a more peaceful and less stressful living and working environment.

A Quiet Zone would be very good for business.  Businesses that are located near the tracks — which includes the whole of downtown, the U of O, Autzen Stadium, and other areas — would especially benefit.  From hotels and restaurants to residential complexes, a quieter Eugene is more productive and attractive economically.  Some Eugene hotels even place ear plugs on the nightstand of every room because of constant complaints about train horns.  Clearly, tourism downtown would get a boost.

A Quiet Zone has been vocally supported by many Eugene residents and businesses in letters in newspapers and other media.

Currently, the Eugene City Council is considering the creation of Quiet Zone. Make your voice heard, and let the City Council know you support the creation of a Quiet Zone in Eugene by signing the petition below.  Since such a Quiet Zone is already under consideration, then the support it receives from citizens during the coming months could be more than enough to tip the scales in favor of a Quiet Zone!


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