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Giorgos Hlapanis
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Since the 1990s we have witnessed the phenomenon of immigration and refugees that has evolved rapidly and massively over the last few years. Especially in our neighborhood it has been intensified due to the war in Syria with an estimated flow of 6.3 million refugees, so far.

Another factor that has already made its presence strong and affects our lives anyway, adds to the increase in refugee flows. Climate change is expected to dramatically affect the global increase in refugee flows over the next 10-20 years, due to the related problems that will arise, such as rising sea levels, warming, desertification of large areas as a consequence of conditions that will prevail. Undoubtedly, climate change does not have a homeland! It is a problem that concerns us all!

In front of such a bleak future for all mankind, we raise a voice of protest with the petition below and in the hope that our dangerous course will be reversible.


a. I consider it necessary for the European Union to adopt a common policy for all Member States on the above issues, both in terms of preventing and reducing factors that cause these phenomena, as well as in addressing the problems. In this context, EU must move forward and coordinate, so that all Member States can accept accords, such as the UN pact on migration (Marrakech 2018)  and international agreements on tackling climate change.

b. I consider it necessary for all Member States of the Union to share the burden of problems caused by large refugee flows entering some Member States. This should be done depending on each State’s potential and financial situation.

This petition is signed by the ERASMUS + KA2 pedagogical group (teachers and students) of the 2nd Lyceum of Kos, titled "European Students Climate Report" (program 2016-1-SE01-KA201-022171).