Free Human Rights Activists in Egypt

Free Human Rights Activists in Egypt

19 January 2016
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EU Foreign Affairs Ministers
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Started by EuroMed Rights

Sign our petition to call upon the European Foreign Affairs Council to pressure Egyptian President Sisi to free imprisoned activists and to stop harassing them!

Voices count! Help us in getting as many as possible and SHARE this petition to #DetainNoMore Human Rights Activists in Egypt!

More than 5 years after the Egyptian revolution, Human Rights are far from being reached in Egypt.

However, despite hope and aspirations for democracy, Egyptian Human Rights activists are being increasingly targeted, threatened, prosecuted in political trials and sentenced to long prison terms because of their contribution in initiating change.

EuroMed Rights, along with other organisations, launched the Human Rights Behind Bars in Egypt Campaign, calling for an immediate release of all Human Rights activists.

Even though EuroMed Rights and other organisations are working tirelessly with families of activists to ensure their freedom and pressure Egyptian authorities to drop their repressive laws against activists, we need your support.

Ahead of the next Foreign Affairs Council of the European Union, help us by signing this petition to ask your Foreign Affairs Minister to raise this systematic crackdown on dissent with Egypt’s President. The Council has the power required to pressure the Egyptian government to detain no more Human Rights activists without proper trial.

Find out more about activists currently held in prison and the Human Rights Behind Bars in Egypt Campaign.

Petition Closed

This petition had 477 supporters

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