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Take action to stop the Russian Government's invasion on any country

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Thanks to recent revelations, we can see how the conflict in Ukraine, which is right at the borders of the EU, is becoming more and more dangerous for everyone. Shooting down an airliner is not only a crime - it's an attack on our freedom.

For too long, Russian action in the Ukraine has been met with total ignorance from world leaders, still talking about democracy and peace. But this isn't the first time Russia has shown what it's capable of. Practically all former members of the Soviet Union have been exposed to aggression - Chechnya, Georgia and Ukraine are the best examples.

It's understandable that the EU National Governments and US Government cannot act rashly and expose their citizens to danger. But inaction is the real threat to world peace. If we continue to allow Russian aggression, we'll soon be back in the same situation as the war in the former Yugoslavia.

Tell Europe’s leaders to take action to stop the Russian Government's invasion on any country.

We, the undersigned, call on our Heads of Government to clearly and unambiguously state their opposition to direct or hidden Russian aggression on any country. Europe’s leaders have not yet taken any action to stop this abuse of peace - we call on them to place this issue firmly on the agenda NOW.


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