Petition Update

Shark Protectors

Gareth Herd
Rugby, United Kingdom

Jun 25, 2013 — Once again many thanks to all those people that have signed and shared this petition. It is still very early days and it is ticking along at a steady rate. However I believe we can do much better than this togethor, so I ask you all if you find you have some spare moments then please consider re-sharing this petition to your friends, family and followers.
This petition is not just aimed at EU citizens, it is important that people globally join in here.
I was considering that the 'shark community' could have regular events, particularly on twitter, shark sunday #sharksu where this and other shark related conservation campaigns can be promoted, and where many people can participate making a much louder voice for the sharks?
I would like to thank all of the shark groups on social media, Facebook and Twitter that I have had contact with who have supported this so far.

I have edited the description of the petition and will shortly edit the petition letter. Please stay tuned for updates.