Petition Update

Friends of Sharks

Gareth Herd
Rugby, United Kingdom

Jun 24, 2013 — Many thanks to those who have supported this new petition so far.
I know it is easy to become weary of yet another petition or question their success. It is important to know that the EU commission will become aware of this petition and that it is a SUPPORTING action as the EU commission have been petitioned through their official protocol to consider this very issue.
I don't think many people realise the huge importance of sharks within the ocean ecosystem or that shark fin products are on sale within the EU. The fact is that there are many restaurants selling fin soup and many ethnic traditional medicine stores selling shark fin.
We can be pleased the EU recently tightened regulations regarding EU fisheries for finning BUT to really aim for a fin free EU we must have a ban on shark fin products to supplement the fisheries regulations.
Thank you once again, I really hope you can help me spread this petition far and wide and encourage others to do so. #finfreeEU #savesharks