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Fair and equal Safety cosmetic regulations: soaps/bathbombs that looks like food

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Hi everyone,

My name is Samin Ghiasi and I’m an independent crafter based in London who takes pride on making lovely organic soaps. I’m thinking to start selling so I’m also a young female entrepreneur. Currently in my daily life, I’m a happy freelance photographer that is based in London. 

I have lately joined an amazing group on Facebook called UK /EU Soap makers United (check it out!) that helps and helped me a lot on all the questions that I had to ask. I must say that without this group I would be a little lost as they provide a lot of great and mostly accurate informations. Mostly for regulations to keep our costumers happy and us more knowledgeable and in control of what we do as well. We also help each other on the artistic level and moral part of things which is always sweet and kind. It’s nice to belong to something positive. So thanks to the creator(s) and admins! 

I’m a new member and I realised a topic kept coming back on and on and I was a little shocked to hear. Within the EU it is very difficult to sale/getting assessed of any soaps or bath bombs that look and/or smell like food. The smelling part is not so bad but I had lots of colleagues being declined as their soaps looks like either a cake or a fruit or even slightly so as in food category etc 

The problem here is that some bigger companies within the UK gets away with it. How is this possible? How can we buy, but not ALL make? How those people can sell and why smaller crafters/sellers can’t? Something isn’t right. 

Some blame money, some blame locations or that a bite of soap apart being not so tasty won’t kill you and some also blame a minority of assessors not being very serious about this.

Not all of them, we have lots of love and respect for our assessors and I would like to make sure of that here. We work together after all, and some have even made great friends like this, we usually get recommended people so there is lots of love in this community. I was also welcomed so kindly, this is a big part for the reason I chose to stand against/create a petition to tackle this confusing situation and keep seeing the community of soapers grow. 

Let’s be clear, we all want the safety of kids AND adults but we also want fairness into the business to be kept and pushed forward.

On the top of that, children can swallow things that are not meant to be food and end in the hospital. My brother did years back when he was little, and it was a pink pill. No cosmetics. It was just pink and he thought it was a candy. He just made a mistake, thankfully my parents were not far from the accident but it was quite scary. Children could drink even bleach, anything literally that is in front of them. THEREFORE it’s the responsibility of the parents to watch their kids. There is more scary items than a bite of soap, like a pill that a child can reach.

If a parent is worried for his/her safety, it can simply avoid buying those items. Same goes for toys. Like having a child proof house. There is nothing wrong with that! 

I would love to make soaps that have a cute shape of fruits, but I would be too frustrated to get declined. 

We think this regulation needs to be reviewed and across all the boards with small and big chains but also small crafters like us who really works with a dedicated passion every single day. We love what we do, so please let’s keep this market fair and as it’s taxable items of course, the UK or the EU have nothing to lose in this but to gain. We can’t just blame products due to fear of potential negligence, because kitchen knives would be one of those too.

Help us to move forward, add your comment, and please share for awareness by giving us a chance to be heard.

Thank you so much for your read, looking forward to see the positive outcome.


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