Decision Maker Response

Etsy’s response

May 14, 2019 — Etsy believes in creating a welcoming community for our diverse global marketplace, including all religious beliefs. However, the reselling of consecrated hosts is a violation of our policies, and we removed the 'sold out' listing as soon as it was brought to our attention. Currently, there are no listings for these items for sale.

As this petition noted, items and listings are not pre-approved before they become active on the site. We rely on each seller to ensure the items they list adhere to our policies, and our specialized teams take action when we see items that violate these policies. We strongly encourage anyone who sees an item that violates our policies to submit a flag by clicking the “Report this item to Etsy” link at the bottom of the listing.

Thank you for continuing to bring these prohibited items to our attention and for helping us keep Etsy an inclusive community.

Jess Kallberg
Policy Manager