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Make EXP disband

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This supposedly kpop band, EXP, is all white. Now this might not sound like that big of an issue but it to most of us, kpop fans. Kpop idols go through severe and long periods of training to achieve their dream of being  Korean pop stars. Now this is a college social experiment and it must stop NOW.

These boys do not speak korean, are not korean and have no asian in their family trees, so I DO NOT understand why they are a KPOP group. They should be a POP group. The K that comes before is obviously for attention

It is UNBELIEVABLE to see how someone can be so pretentious to even have the guts to create a group like EXP. When we, as kpop fans, used to tell white people that we liked kpop, they most likely laughed and made racist jokes about the Korean pop market. 

These boys right here didn't go through ANY of the steps that ACTUAL kpopggroups go through. Starting from the training. Not only kpop bands are TALENTED but they have to go through years of training in order to be perfect at what they're doing and to learn more about music, dancing, stage presence, performing etc. They also have to fit into strict beauty standards which often leads them into undergoing multiple plastic surgeries. 

Kpop idols often start training very young, go under strict diets, sign slave contracts, get separated from their families in order to train and train hard every day. It's a very difficult process, especially for young teenagers who have to  learn every skill of being an artist and trade their youth for their dreams . EXP here are deprived from any sort of talent. DO NOT FIT in the korean beauty standards, didn't go through training. 

People work so hard to finally make something acceptable, and others who have no idea about all the background of it and the culural aspect of it come and take credit and recognition of it? This is pure DISRESPECT.

These boys must DISBAND since they clearly don't understand what the meaning of being a kpop idol means. 


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