Cancel Guyanese Critic

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Mikhail Rodrigues, better known as the Guyanese Critic has deepened the wounds of Afro-Guyanese and black people everywhere with his racist, hate speech.

On the heels of #BlackLivesMatter protests around the world, the social commentator spoke to thousands through his page in his normal bombastic- don’t really care what I say, style. This time he crossed a line that all Guyanese should condemn.

Black people are sick and tired of being likened to everything that is bad, subhuman and unsatisfactory in this world. Black people everywhere are struggling against oppressive systems to have equality.

We will not allow Guyanese critic to further add salt to the wounds of black Guyanese. If BlackLivesMatter outside of Guyana, those lives are to also matter in Guyana.

Let’s put we money where we mouth deh and stand for something. Let’s #CancelGuyaneseCritic and let Guyana breathe.

** In order to protect the identity of the petition authors, an alias has been used.