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Ethiopians and Friends of Ethiopia for Human Rights in Ethiopia

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The Honorable Christopher Smith
Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa,
Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International organizations

Dear Honorable Congressman,

I begin forwarding my letter of support with a humble and humiliated gratitude to what you have done in support of human rights, justice and freedom in the United States of America and mainly the world over and particularly my country, Ethiopia. The recent hearing which was held on June 20th 2013 “Ethiopia after Meles: The Future of Democracy and Human Rights” in the Congress was one of the indication of these significant efforts you make and why I would like to draw yours and my attention on. The hearing was so encouraging and successful in that it hosted all those that have a stake on Ethiopian issues including the opposition parties and most importantly for concluding with a laudable achievement i.e.  "Ethiopian Human Rights Act" Your concluding announcement of the decision to introduce the ‘Ethiopian Human Rights Act’ with serious benchmarks was laudable and heartening to all those that have been expecting help from those that care about human rights.

As was explained in detail by the witnesses during the hearing, Ethiopia, although showing a façade of economic development and ‘negative peace’, it continues to be governed by a regime that commits innumerable human rights abuses and violently resolves every type of conflict putting the future course of the Country and the region in a very volatile and precarious road.

Dear Honorable Congressman, in such a time when those with economic and political clout can shadow the honest and sincerest struggle of many for rights and freedom, finding few who stand for the greatest values of humanity is a virtue and nobility, which you have commendably, did. Although in my thoughts, the ‘Ethiopian Human Rights Act’ may not perhaps bring astronomically significant pressures on the regime and immediately change the human rights situations in Ethiopia, I hope the bill will have ‘some’ effect that can embolden the voiceless and helpless many not to feel ignored and helpless,
Therefore, I support the ‘Ethiopian Human Rights Act’ and humbly ask for its immediate enactment.

This bill will also gradually help promote democracy and human rights as it will tame the regime from irresponsibly acting against its citizens. The cordial and age old relationship of the two nations will only be strong and truthful when both nations honestly and actively criticize and “pressurize” each other on their common values and polices of relationship such as human rights and democracy rather than a link of “interests” between powers ignoring the population who perpetually remain to be the friends and allies of the nations.

Therefore, I would like to once again show my support to you and the ‘Ethiopian Human Rights Act’. I would like to see it a reality soon. I love my Country that I support all acts that support freedom, the respect of human rights, equality and justice in Ethiopia.

Emmye Menelik

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