Appeal letter to Norway prime minister regarding ethiopian asylum seekers

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Your Excellency Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of Norway
Ethiopian refugees fled a dictatorial regime that kill innocent civilians for demanding their basic human Rights. As a result, thousands fled the country on daily bases. Today, Ethiopians are stranded everywhere and languishing, particularly, in the prisons of different African countries. A number of refuges become victim of human traffickers, killed by ISIS, and sold for slavery in Libya.
The country is in a continuous wave of violence. The regimes’ 26 years ethnic based politics bear fruits, violence between different ethnic groups is everywhere, and killing civilians a routine daily practice. Very recently, the director of the Genocide watch warned that the situation in Ethiopia is getting out of hand and the situation in Rwanda may repeat in the country if the international community fail to intervene.
Currently many Ethiopian universities become a battlefield. Students kill each other based on ethnicity; the situation is different from this within the civil society and military camps. The alternative measure taken by the regime is simply to give order to the military to shoot and kill whenever there is a protest.
The recent violence between Ethiopian Somalis and Oromos that costed hundreds of lives is a living example to understand how the situation in the country is getting out of hand. To escape this dangerous political atmosphere, thousands of Ethiopians still fled the country and get in to another life-threatening countries, like Libya.
During the past years, thousands of Ethiopians took the dangerous route through Libya and many Ethiopians were killed by ISIS, and many other were sacrificed for organ exploitation. The recent practice of selling people for slavery in that region is another tragedy of the century.
Your Excellency madam Solberg,
Ethiopian refugees are not residing only in Norway, and Norway is not the only country that has tried to reach to a deportation agreement with the regime in Ethiopia. As we could see from a leaked EU document in this relation, EU is talking with the regime in Ethiopia to finalize the agreement. Nevertheless, Norway, as the only country in Europe, has already started implementing forceful deportation of Ethiopians. This is unexpected from Norway, a country that is known for its humanitarian long tradition.
Ethiopians love their country and want to live in their country if peace and equality prevail. We do not want to describe what type of regime Ethiopia is under for the last 26 years. It is also needless to express our disappointment when it comes the relationship between Norway and the incumbent ethnocentric dictatorial regime in Ethiopia.
We Ethiopians have real fear of persecution, the country is at cross roads, and genocide is taking place. The regime-incited ethnic conflict is getting out of hand, millions may be killed and millions may leave the country. This is what the genocide watch predicted!

Madam Prime Minster,
We still do believe in the good heart of Norwegians, and the long tradition of generosity and the contribution of Norway as a watchdog for peace and stability in the globe. A number so called “paperless Ethiopian Asylum seekers” lived in Norway for a more than a decade and were well integrated in to the Norwegian society. Moreover, Ethiopians all over the world conduct extensive opposition in the form of demonstration and supporting opposition groups operating in Ethiopia. Hence, the regime considers Norway as “Hub for the opposition”. It is therefore our belief that many deportees from Norway may face not a sudden but a lengthy retaliation upon return.
We finally request you and your government kindly to reconsider the forceful deportation program that Norway is exercising against Ethiopian asylum seekers.
Kind regards




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