Anchorage, AK: Repeal Emergency Order 15 to Help Our Community

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Mayor Ethan Berkowitz recently issued a mandate with ridiculously unfair restrictions on all bars and restaurants to last at least the next four weeks. Our economy is already struggling here in Anchorage and this huge hit to the hospitality industry will only further complicate this problem. Thousands of people will be affected by this mandate that seems to have no factual basis behind it. Please sign this petition to let Mayor Berkowitz and the city council know that this is not okay! I think I speak for the vast majority of hospitality workers when I say, “Let us work!” In an industry where many people are living paycheck to paycheck this is going to have severely negative implications on countless families. This is a complete overreach of local government that must be spoken out against!

I have provided some links below if you are unfamiliar with this situation or perhaps just want to learn a little more. Please take a few minutes to potentially help our industry (and our city) out!