The same uniforms for any gender including skirts, make-up ect.

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This is an important matter as boys i know, wish to wear make-up in college (where girls are allowed make-up as long as it is 'subtle') but as this started the school made us take it off claiming it was a distraction whereas there are girls wearing twice as much so it is surely unfair to make the boys take it off. It is understandable that they don't want a distraction in class yet it is still unfair and should most certainly not be this way. As teenagers we are at a point in our life where we're just realizing who we are, meaning stereotypes like this don't exactly help. It is not right that uniforms differ on the gender based on the world we currently live in, by now it should be much more diverse don't you think? I feel the video is just a very slight insight to how it affects different people.

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