Kill Universal Credit.

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We have and continue to be told that Universal Credit has been designed to help people back to work.

It is clear that this is not the absolute intention of this new system devised and dreamt up by the Tory Party and in particular Mr Ian Duncan Smith.

Yes Mr Duncan Smith who claimed he could live on £53 per week if he had to, but when challenged to do so went completely silent.

Make no mistake that Universal Credit is an out and out attack on working class families and an attempt by government to make savings off the back of the poor.

Yes the poor of society is going to pay off the national debt whilst the rich move their money to off shore accounts and the banks are handed billions in bail outs.

Universal Credit is a cold and calculated system with no regard for the sick and where sanctions are being used to beat them with.

Sanctions are the main weapon of Universal Credit which will be used to make you jump through hoops and be obedient to the powers that be.

If you fail to make an appointment or keep up to speed with the demands of your local jobcentre make no mistake you will be sanctioned. 


If you are sanctioned it simply means that all benefits are stopped and no money is paid to you for weeks. How you survive is of no interest to anyone in any government position.

You will not be able to feed your children or pay your rent and will have to resort to food banks and handouts to survive.

If you are fit and well Universal Credit can be dealt with but if you are not, your ability to search for work and do work is of no interest to the masters of this system.

Witnessing people going into jobcentres on crutches is a sad reflection on any society. 

As a lot of what happens with Universal Credit is conducted online, one would have to ask how the older generation are meant to deal with this.

I can only ask that you support me in this petition to have Universal Credit looked at again or have it dismantled entirely.