Bring back Child tax credits for more than 2 children

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With families struggling to pay for essentials and poverty at an all time high, parents with more than 2 children are now struggling even more than before due to the abolishment of child tax credits for more than 2 children. 

The cuts implemented by the Tories to limit child tax credits to only 2 children means that hundreds of thousands of families now struggle and some will lose as much as £2780 per year. 

Parents are also being forced to decide on having no more than 2 children due to this. Parents on low incomes who want more kids should be allowed to make this decision without fear of poverty. This is a major issue and families are suffering with great consequences with some having to limit on basics like food. 

We want the Government to reverse this decision and once again allow child tax credit for all children. We are aware cuts have to be made but the current cuts are targeting low paid families who are already struggling.