Changes need to be made at the Shelter for the animals sake

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We would like the Estevan Humane Society to:
- have transparency, as to exactly the names of the Directors and shelter manager, financial reports , intakes, adoptions, losses (and even # of turned away animals) that have entered the building (when asked on thier page who the directors were, instead of answering the question was deleted. Why? what does the shelter have to hide)
- demand training for the staff, and especially the shelter manager. This way "accidents" won't happen, and it will lessen the chance of cross contamination.
- embrace and utilize the public both volunteers and foster homes.
- start treating the public with respect, simply telling them to "step off" , "unlike" the page or employees calling people  derogatory names, treating people like crap when they drop off strays does nothing for the shelters image . Have one person qualified to deal with the public, be the face of the shelter, preferably one of the directors.                                                                                                           .- -compassion fatigue workshops should  be available for employees.
- Board needs also to be trained on whats required of them, as well as the running of the shelter. ( how does someone know if something is broken, or running incorrectly if they have no or only a minimal idea of how it should be ran) . A Boards responsibility is not just fundraising,
- need to have a proper processes and proceedures in place for complaints and concerns. How is the Board expected to know if there is a problem, if those concerns don't make it past the shelter doors. If only the odd complaint reaches the Board, alone it may not seem like a big deal but added up could be a huge red flag.

People assume that there is a governing agency over looking shelters, and there is not. Just because an organization calls themselves a Humane Society, it doesn't mean that it is nessecarily being ran the way it should be, by trained staff, that everything they are doing is right and in the best interest of the animals. ( as an added note thankfully the majority of Humane Societies and SPCAS do a phenominal job)

We all love the animals, but the staff needs to realize that the animals don't write their paychecks, they are well aware that most times adoption fees are minimal, when it comes to the costs that occurred having that animal in care. They rely on the City of Estevan, fundraisers (that couldn't be successful if it wasn't for the community) and donations. What keeps the shelter running is all of us, no matter how big or small the donation. They need to realize that every time they are rude to the public they in turn are biting the hand that feeds them and possibly taking a home away from an animal. They are the ones hurting the animals not the ones speaking out.

Also they need to realize, that if they are both turning away animals (including strays) and people, there is other shelters that would gladly embrace them, that too have animals waiting for much needed homes. Because they have their priorities straight.
Also according to this link, as Estevan's been growing , it seems donations to the shelter have been going down
 Obviously that would mean there is a problem with public support. No public support ,no shelter.
Also if "accidents" are happening at the shelter, that is not necessarily the fault of the employee, but falls more  on the management for improper training and/or inappropriate husbandry practices to protect the animals.
We need to fix this before it's too late .

In return if our concerns are heard and sufficient changes are made for the sake of the animals, those of us that are from or near Estevan, will promise that we will support you either by volunteering, adopting, donating or all of the above :)

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