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Establish civilian review board over police misconduct in henderson county north carolina

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Police misconduct and brutality has become something all of us see or hear on a daily basis. The majority of Henderson county police officers abuse the power given to them. The police have forgotten that they are here to "serve and protect", and instead just do whatever pleases them, just because they can. Henderson county has no real system in place to handle misconduct or brutality complaints, and as a result many of our officers have grown corrupt. This country runs on a system of checks and balances, and that system doesn't work if there is nothing keeping a branch in check. The current process for handling police misconduct is to file a complaint with the corresponding police department. The police are then in charge of policing themselves, which results in no reprecussions for an officers actions/inactions. When a victim files a complaint, the officer in question usually makes it his/her personal mission to "punish" the victim. It's time "we the people" put a stop to this injustice, by establishing a civilian review board to oversee and investigate complaints against our police departments, and to administer the proper penalties an officer should face. Officers are supposed to uphold the law, while also following it. 

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