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Horse racing has been a major part of the culture of our great country and the world for thousands of years. Bladerunners wants to bring this glorious sport into the 21st century and set the course for an amazing future.

The sport of horse racing as an industry supports millions of people – the many owners, breeders and trainers from every walk of life, and the hundreds of thousands of hard working people in the barns and at the tracks. There are the handicappers who wager on the races and create a revenue stream unlike any other; there are the vendors and supplementary businesses that depend on this industry to be strong and profitable.

Unfortunately, the news these days is not so good for horse racing. Every day there is a story in the media about horses breaking down on the track, jockeys being injured or killed; racetracks are closing and profits are down, and jobs are disappearing more and more each day. Unscrupulous trainers continue to cheat with illegal and controlled substances; when, and if, they are caught they suffer no more than a slap on the wrist and are allowed to continue to race. This is a great disservice to the horses and jockeys that have to endure their trainer’s drug habit. It is a disservice to the consumer because they continue placing bets on races thinking that it’s a level playing field.

Horses are over-medicated with legal drugs, and this form of abuse allows horses to race on injured limbs with little or no time off. This is a callous, careless and dangerous situation: jockeys are placed in harms way by riding these compromised horses. Then if the jockey complains or speaks out he or she is often fired or black-balled. Does any other professional sport put up with the amount of catastrophic injuries to its athletes as horse racing?

Current oversight comes by way of State Racing Boards that are under-funded, under-staffed and their employees are over worked. Some of these regulators are inept political cronies who continue to perpetuate and create the conditions causing this industry to suffer; they enable the cheaters to carry on with little fear of recourse. It is an extremely dysfunctional system that leads to catastrophic endings.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

The good news is that there are significant efforts underway to bring positive change; there a loud calls to enact more clearly defined rules and rigorous punishments for the rule breakers - and to close the loopholes that allow cheaters to operate with impunity; people are working to protect those that work in the industry.

We applaud the steadfast efforts of the Honorable Senator Tom Udall, D-NM and the Honorable Congressman Ed Whitfield, R-KY to shore up the legal foundation that will bring more responsibility to horse racing. We are proud to support the congressmen’s work. But there is just one problem…

Unlike every other sport or racing jurisdiction in the world, horse racing, in the United States, does not have an authority with enforcement powers on a national scale. There is no national horse racing commission similar to that of the National Football League for example.

Instead, there are 38 separate state racing jurisdictions in the United States, each with its own racing commission, each with its own set of rules and penalties, each with varying degrees of funding and staffing resources. We all know that in these times of state budget crisis and cutbacks there is little hope of improving the situation within these enclaves. There is very little, if any, standardization on a national scale; and there are even situations where the rules within a state will differ or contradict each other.

Congress can solve this problem right now by requiring all racing jurisdictions in the US to re-organize under one national system subject to the authority and oversight of a national horse racing commission. Horse racing is entirely a federal interstate commerce activity and the power given to the federal government to step in and correct this situation is clearly laid out in the United States’ constitution and by the example of other Acts of Congress. Congress must act to legislate a radical change by mandating and empowering a national horse racing commission.

By your SUPPORT of this new governance model, you are supporting people that can count on horse racing to be honest and profitable, you are helping the creation of thousands of new jobs, you are improving the welfare of the racehorse and most of all YOU ARE HELPING TO MAKE HISTORY BY MAKING HORSE RACING THE GLORIOUS SPORT IT WAS MEANT TO BE!

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION! Tell your congress that you support this movement and want them to bring us a federally mandated national horse racing commission.

For more information on how you can be a part of this movement please don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us about you and share your thoughts. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

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