Save Wickham Bishops library from closure

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Kathryn McCormack
Kathryn McCormack signed this petition

Essex County Council want to close Wickham Bishops Library.

This would be to the detriment of the village. It is a much loved resource as well as an essential part of our community.

Having this facility in our village not only encourages reading and learning amongst all ages but also gives access to computers for those without.

It provides a safe, warm and friendly meeting point and community hub for many social groups as well as the Council run drop in surgeries.

It is accessible in a way that neither Witham nor Maldon libraries are and it's loss would be detrimental to the community and village life.

We have already lost both village pubs so please let's do what we can to voice our objections to this proposal.

The proposed closure is purely a money saving exercise. As the library is only open on three occasions per week, the saving must surely not be in proportion to the impact it's closure would have on the community.

This petition calls on Essex County Council to remove Wickham Bishops library from their list of those ear-marked for potential closure.

This is the first step in the campaign. Please sign and share this petition to protest against this proposal and to speak up for our village!!