Postpone August’s major gas works in Hawkwell as it will CRIPPLE the area

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The powers that be have already decided that the Summer Holidays are the best time to reduce Spa Road to one lane, hack lumps out of Plumberow Avenue and whack temporary lights on Lower Road, but now we are about to witness Essex County Council’s greatest achievement to date.

‘Major Gas Works’ on Main Road Hawkwell that are set to last for the whole of August. Except they won’t - they will discover a wonky valve from the Triassic Era and the road will still be Horlicksed at Christmas. 

We, the council tax payers of Hockley and Hawkwell, demand the suspension of works IMG180094 until a later date.

There genuinely seem to be people in authority who believe that the whole area folds itself up into a paper bag and gets put away in a cupboard as soon as the schools break up, but the reality is that people still have to get to work, ambulances still need to reach the sick, and to be honest we all just like to feel that we are not imprisoned by restrictive traffic arrangements. 

We are already a gnat’s hair away from needing to airlift supplies to the residents of Bramerton Road because of the one-Way system that is now in place!

The stretch of road in question leading up to Gusted Hall Lane has already been dug up countless times in the last few years, in a number of locations. Did a team of workers not bother bringing a map with them, just digging up bits of road until they found whatever they were looking for? Is the Holy Grail down there or something?

We submit this petition in jest, but the subject matter is deadly serious. Surely these latest gas works aren’t so vital that you are willing to gamble with peoples’ livelihoods and patience? Will this quaint corner of Essex really get blown to smithereens if they are delayed?

At the very least, applications for temporary traffic lights need to use criteria that are stricter than, 'Does the applicant have a pulse?'

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