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More SEN, MLD schools for Essex, to fit our children not make our children fit them

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The current situation in Essex is that there is no where near enough suitable SEN provision for children with Moderate  learning disability needs In Essex 

the current MLD provision is over subscribed and this is leaving children and parents struggling to find any suitable settings that fully meet the needs of their child. 

Essex county council have cut many budgets and the lengthy EHCP process often means children are left without suitable placements that can fully meet their needs. More often than not many of those placements are still within mainstream schools who, even with the best intentions cannot fully support the child's needs or offer what our wonderful SEN schools can, which is a nurturing and safe environment, with the correct level of staffing and support , the correct resources needed to support and additional therapies writhing the school.

Children with additional needs often find themselves in detentions or in trouble because of behaviours  in mainstream schools.  This is due to a lack awareness, and foresight of their needs, therefore an escalation in behaviour is seen and Poor management dosent recognise this as a need for therapeutic services they see it as behaviour to be punished or disciplined. Most these behaviours can be avoided with the right environment, staff and planning. 

Children's mental health is on the rise due to  mainstream schools not meeting their needs or recognising their needs early enough. Children are school refusing because of anxiety and a lack of support in Mainstream schools, thus more referrals to mental health, NEEAPS and other services putting more strain on budgets. 

This can be prevented and prevented early enough with a better simpler EHCP system and entry to schools that can provide full SEN support and education. This can all be prevented with more SEN places In existing SEN schools if money could be invested in extended the schools we have as well as building new SEN schools in Essex to meet the rising demand. 

Excisiting new ASD hubs in mainstream are not inclusive for SEN children only the high achievers that can meet school targets. They are actually excluding those who are not academically as able and where do those children fit? Right now nowhere they are lost in a failing system , lost in no mans land of, which agnency do we signpost them to ? Which school can we make them fit, but still fail them, but at least they will have attendance so it will look ok for the school , we can tick boxes but not really educate them. 

Enough is enough Essex county council give us schools the fit our children's needs and stop moulding them to your criteria and targets . Education for all , a fairer way in for SEN children and a education that will see them achieve their full potential. 

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