Free Sanitary Protection Products Available In All Essex Schools

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SIGN And SHARE this petition to end PERIOD POVERTY In Essex’s secondary schools. 

Too many of our young women in Essex are missing school or college for one simple reason. Their periods.

Period Poverty is real for the same reason that we have family’s relying on food banks because their finances are so squeezed.

 A lot of our young women simply cannot afford the basic right of sanitary protection. This has a detrimental affect not only on their education but on their health and well-being too. 

I believe all our young women should have access to the right sanitary products regardless of their families income.

The anxiety caused by the stress and  the impact on self esteem, as well as missing out on education can be ended for good. I would like Essex County Council to make these products available in all schools and colleges FREE OF CHARGE. 

If family planning clinics can hand out free contraceptives, then surely this is not too much to ask? 

Please support our young women by signing this petition to end Period Poverty in our county.

We have already seen  this change in other areas of the country as well as accross Scotland. So let’s ensure that our daughters, granddaughters and nieces NEVER miss a day of  school  again. 

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