Renovate Highbridge Retail Park. Have one place to enter & another to exit in the complex

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Highbridge Retail Park has always been known for being busy enough to be the culprit for traffic and congestion in the area - particularly around Christmas and very recently, this fact has been highlighted again. This time, it is due to current congestion caused because of the reopening of shops in this area amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, the retail park is not presently equipped to deal with the copious amounts of vehicles that come in. In particular, people entering and leaving the retail park. This is a pertinent issue that can be resolved very simply. 

At present, the retail park has a one designated entrance of the retail park that also serves as the exit. This petition is in aid of implementing a separate entrance and a separate exit in Highbridge retail park - so there is one place to enter and one place to exit. Not only would this decrease traffic surrounding the area as well as the congestion in the actual retail park, but would improve customer experience and make it an area people want to come to. 

Additionally it appears that very recently the consequences of congestion in the retail park has been known to cause problems for residents within surrounding areas which is due to the road rage of people trying to get in there. Alongside this, the staff members that have to work there are feeling the strain. Workers in some shops are being subject to verbal abuse because of the difficulty of getting in and out of the complex which is unacceptable - as well as staff members from other shops not being able to get out of their designated staff car park due to the congestion. 

Moreover, this would help our fight with climate change as emissions would be reduced if traffic and congestion is reduced in the area. Finally, renovating the car park is only rectifying something that should have been changed long ago. Please sign this petition to make Highbridge retail park more enjoyable and less chaotic than it is today!