I want to achieve my goal to get CGA To make my organization happy :)

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1- name of my organization is DominicanKazes (DKZS)

My Name Is Luimi Novas (In Te Game is MrChRoNicK).

2- well we are a very close team and we play early access pubg and we are always in a good mood in order to be an organization that plays many types of shooters games the bf saga and that is all about my team

3- channel Recommended twitch From my team X_LinceG_X

4-we have only made 5 events in our communities and we have not had offers to have links until yesterday that we got one.

5- The plans we have is to create content for the public and entertain them to be a good team. We have thought about creating zombie games for the media public and War Mode for events and media public as well.

6-until now we are waiting with the CGA to create content that entertains them

7- I have a player who is my best friend and I sponsor him an FPP player and he is called XLinceX and I know he would give the CGA a very good use because he is very creative and is a Streamer.

8-well apply because I want to be a partner of PUBG and is my goal since I started playing in 2016 with my team and would do something unique with PUBG is to put a little more security in the regions and solve some gaps in the game.

9-My favorite weapons are M24 and M4.

I wish I was lucky to be accepted for the CGA THANK YOU.

My Email Is luimijoelnovas@gmail.com