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Replace Terry Blount as the Seahawks dedicated blogger to someone that actually cares.

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Terry Blount writes from the perspective of someone that doesn't really care about the team, the fans, or writing anything in general that takes more than a cursory glance at Google to research, or offers anything remotely insightful.  

Take a look at the comments section of any article he's written and it's clear to see that the commentors take more exception to the half-assed, lazy, and uninformed job he does than the actual content of his work.  That's how little substance there is to his writing.  

I understand if you can't bring back Mike Sando, as he probably makes more money for you writing INSIDER pieces, but Terry Blount cannot possibly be the best you have to offer. 

Allow me to provide you with a list of acceptable replacements, provided Sando is unable or unwilling to return to his former duties. 

* Brock Huard - 710 ESPN Seattle

* Danny Kelly  -

* Michael Robinson - RealRobReport

* Kip Earlywine -

* Ryan Adam Davis AKA pehawk - (provided you're OK with jokes about masturbation and/or pedophilia)

* Christopher Martin AKA SacHawk - (also a purveyor of inappropriate humour)

* My seven year old niece, who likes My Little Pony, reading serialized novels about cats, and the color pink.

* My two year old niece, who poops a lot and likes to inform everyone when she's passed gas. 

* My dog, who in his old age and infinite wisdom has decided that he will no longer eat his food from his dish, and instead tips it over so that he may pluck the kibble directly from the floor.  

* The gum currently stuck to the bottom of my left shoe. 


If none of these replacements are acceptable to you, ESPN, please just remove the Seahawks blog portion of your website all together.  The steaming piles of regurtgitated dribble that are currently trotted out there, masquerading as journalism and analysis are not worthy of a network that is supposed to be the "World Wide Leader in Sports."

We have given Terry Blount multiple chances to show he is more than some former NASCAR writer, begrudgingly doing a job he'd rather not do.  But he just doesn't seem to care.  



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