Remove Tommy Tuberville from color commentating Texas Tech vs. The University of Houston

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Tommy Tuberville and his family have scarred and traumatized the citizens of Lubbock and the fans of Texas Tech University. Not only do Lubbock police say Coach Tommy Tuberville's wife Suzanne ran a red light, striking a car with two people inside, one of whom died, the former coach performed in an unprofessional manner by literally dipping out for another coaching position DURING A RECRUITING DINNER. He did this without even saying anything to anyone or making an announcement. Not even his coaching staff realized what happened until it was over. 

On top of all of this unprofessionalism, he rarely took the blame for defeats when he was a coach at Texas Tech University and had a horrible record here. Tuberville typically blamed the players, the referees, the fans, anyone he could to pass the buck. This coach has had a downhill career for years, but claims he is not to blame. If he's not a great announcer, ESPN will certainly take the blame.

West Texans and Texas Tech fans are typically polite, use southern hospitality and politeness as a lifestyle and a culture. This man's rude demeanor and poor professional quality, paired with his relationship to a known man slaughterer who didn't care for the life of her victims who were our local neighbors and friends,  shows that hiring Tommy Tuberville for color commentary for any Texas Tech game is of bad taste and this action should be cancelled immediately. 

Here in Texas we also believe in capitalism and the free market. We don't provide funding to things we don't approve of. As ESPN you should not provide funding to Tommy Tuberville by hiring him to this position for this game, and to prove our resolve we will not view ESPN during the game unless he is removed. Viewership and Ratings brings ESPN funds through advertisers and so viewing the game in effect provides ESPN the funds to pay Tommy Tuberville for his commentary. Texas Tech fans do not approve of Tommy Tuberville receiving funds derived from a team he left at a restaurant.

We, the signers of this petition do not intend to watch the game (TTU vs UH) being aired on ESPN unless Tommy Tuberville is removed from the lineup.

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