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Remove writer for the Buffalo Bills, Mike Rodak.

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For over a year now a large amount of members of, Bills Nation and fans of the sport, including myself, have had to sit by and witness some of the worst and arguably the most biased writing by Mike Rodak. His apparent distaste for the Buffalo Bills is clearly shown in his writing. His complete lack of enthusiasm for our beloved Bills is nothing less than a slap in the face to everyone who calls themself a fan.

While he occasionally produces something that appears to be a positive article it is only met at the end by some snide, backhanded compliment. And while I agree you shouldn't sugar coat these things, you shouldn't bash a team the way Mike does, either. Especially when that team is the team ESPN is paying you to write for!

I move for ESPN to get rid of this guy and find someone passionate. Not only about the Buffalo Bills, but football in general! Countless people, who pay money to be apart of ESPN's community, should not have to read the slander and filth this writer produces. I would hope I'm speaking for the majority when I say I'd rather read nothing for a couple months while ESPN finds a better writer, than read anything Mike Rodak has to say from here on out.

Will you join me in asking ESPN to find us a writer we deserve??

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