Keep Telecommunications Towers more than 500m away from our homes!

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We, the people, call for the Esperance Shire Council to reject any Telecommunications Tower Proposals site which falls within 500m of existing Esperance resident's homes.

As our local government body, the applicable Shire staff are called to uphold and respect all existing Esperance Shire Zoning titles for all current and new Telecommunication Tower Proposals, specifically 'rural residential' properties; noting that Lot 100 Downes Street has been incorrectly determined as 'rural' by the applicant for the Telstra proposal. This rural residential site neighbours onto a residential area, the ESHS, the Residential College and the roosts for the endangered Carnaby Cockatoos located at the ESHS & Cemetry.

Incorrect zoning determination and consideration of small acreage properties from 'rural residential' to 'rural' for the sole purpose of these proposals are only favourable to the Telecommunications Companies and do not endeavour to follow the Esperance Shire Scheme no.24 or protect the interests of the community, our health and our environment.

We call you to exercise your right to reject any proposal on a rural residential property that is within 500m of existing resident's homes, including that of the landholder's and the surrounding properties. As we, the people, do not want these towers built in close proximity to where we live, where our children go to school or board at the Residential College.

We would also like the Shire to enter into mitigation with Telstra offering them alternate location sites.

Please note the following, as outlined in the Esperance Shire Planning Scheme no.24.

Instead of the land area being classified as 'rural residential' as it is correctly zoned:

  • A - means that the use is not permitted unless the local government has exercised its discretion by granting development approval after giving notice in accordance with clause 64 of the deemed provisions;

It now, being classified as ‘rural’ for the purpose of the proposal is classified as:

  • P - means that the use is permitted if it complies with all relevant development standards and requirements of this Scheme;