We want justice for the rape victim of Kashmir and Uttarpradesh.

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To the Prime Minister

Govt of india

South Block,

New Delhi,

Subject : To draw attention and take steps against some inhuman and ghastly incidents happened recently in india.



We would like to draw your attention to some inhuman and ghastly incidents happened recently in our country which are as follows :-


1) Inhuman and ghastly rape and murder of Asifa , an eight - years old girl child of Kashmir 

2) Murder of the father of a girl who was raped by an MLA at Unnao in UP.


It is shocking to see that with the leadership of some elected individuals of our democratic set - up demonstrations are being organised for the release of the accused rapeists and murdarers. These unfotunate incidents have lowered our prestige  internationally and given a set back to the morale of the rule of justice.

Therefore, we demand immediate concrete steps to give a examplary punishment of the offender's and to eliminate these inhuman incidents, porn - site and use of liquor are to be banned totaly. Side by side , to foster a cult of proper morality and ethics , practice of the life struggle and teachings of the great personalities of indian " Renaissance " and freedom movement should be accelerated .

 Hope that your depertment will take adequate steps and necessary actions to prevent this ghastly and inhuman incidents further.


Thanking you,