Help remove mask from our kids

Help remove mask from our kids

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Esko School Board Members

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Started by Jason Gamache

As parents of Esko Public Schools, we respectfully request that the mask requirement be revoked from elementary student's.

We appreciate that Esko prides itself on the health and safety of its students. We believe its our right as parents to decide the health and safety of our child and whether or not to mask them.

Many believe that the masks are a futile attempt to safe guard someone (peer reviewed studies/research).

We feel we should have the right and freedom to choose. For this decision each parent must consider personal factors. Our decision as parents about our childs health, made in our families best interest, should be respected.

We do not condemn anyone for their decision we value our community members opinions and view points on effectiveness of masking. We repect their individual choices. Just as we wish to have all our choices respected by the Esko School District.

We kindly ask Esko Public Schools to grant us our freedom as parents of proud Eskomos.  

72 have signed. Let’s get to 100!