'Escobar' Nottingham - Change name and all decor connecting to Pablo Escobar.

'Escobar' Nottingham - Change name and all decor connecting to Pablo Escobar.

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Carolina Giraldo-Hannigan started this petition to Escobar Nottingham

We are requesting that Escobar Nottingham changes its name, removes the mugshot of Pablo Escobar and paints over the mural, thereby removing all connections to Pablo Escobar. We are asking them to create a space that celebrates Latin American culture rather than glorifying a known terrorist, paedophile, sex trafficker and murderer.

We are asking for 10,000 signatures and suggestions for a new name and mural. Please contact with suggestions: Carolina.GiraldoHannigan@gmail.com or @CarolinaGHan on Instagram or Twitter.

What's happened: A newly opened bar inspired by the terrorist Pablo Escobar has opened in Nottingham City Centre. As well as the name Escobar, there is a giant mural painting of Pablo as well as a large print of Pablo's famous mugshot. The bar is actively glorifying Pablo Escobar by having him the centre stage of the mural, overshadowing even Christ the Redeemer.


We contacted Escobar via email on Sunday 18th July 2021 and they advised that they were sorry that we felt that way and that, having paid out £250,000 to open, £6,000 of which was spent on the mural, they won't be changing the name or painting over the mural. They have also stated that their mural has no connection to Pablo Escobar and any connection is a pure coincidence. Yet in their press release to the Nottingham Post in December 2020 they made the following statement:

In a makeover, the surroundings have been brought to life with colourful patterned tiles and murals of the Brazilian landscape with its famous Christ the Redeemer statue and Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, who proved the inspiration for the restaurant's name.

"We had an artist come and we said it's South-American themed so do whatever you want to do. So they did a big Pablo Escobar mural and we thought 'Escobar' - that's a great name for a bar," added MC, who is running front-of-house with assistant managers EJ and KC. - Names of staff have been removed out of courtesy. There are comments on this Nottingham Post press release from December stating that it's incredibly offensive to the Latinx community so the bar has been previously warned and yet continued to go ahead. 

After numerous copy and paste email replies, a number of us shared our disgust on social media. We have also left reviews on their Facebook page and on Google. 

The Nottingham Post then contacted us. At this point, a member of staff at Escobar made contact with one of us on Monday 19th of July 2021 asking to meet as they would like to resolve this issue. We replied straight away stating that we would be happy to meet, but advised that we would not be going into the bar itself; requesting that we instead meet elsewhere. We have received no response and the main editor of Nottingham Post has pulled the story stating that “bars have suffered enough recently”. We sent a follow-up email to Escobar on Tuesday 20th July 2021, asking to meet but again have received no reply. The bar has blocked us and those supporting us across all social media platforms and deleted our reviews. They now have no negative reviews on their Facebook business page. Please feel free to contact Escobar directly at escobarsouthside@gmail.com, or via the editor from Nottingham Post who pulled the story: Natalie.Fahy@reachplc.com.

The issue with naming a bar after Pablo Escobar: Escobar was real, he wasn’t some Hollywood Netflix gangster. He was a horrible, evil man who did unspeakable things to his community. Yet, this bar wants you to have a drink in memory of him and feel like a gangster next to a shrine of a murderer.

It is shocking how this bar is celebrating a well-known terrorist and evil person. Pablo Escobar killed over 4,000 people and his legacy is responsible for over 40,000 people who have been gunned down on the street, raped or lost their homes to bombings. Pablo was also a well-known paedophile and often kept POC as slaves. This happened in the 70s, so only around 50 years ago.

For the Latin American community and especially for Colombians, the memory and tyranny of Pablo are still fresh. This extends to the newer generations of LatinX as the ripple effect of Pablo’s reign lives on today. I’m only 31 yet can still point to moments in my life where members of my family have been caught in the crossfires from the power vacuum that Pablo left. As well as cocaine, Pablo made a huge amount of money from sex trafficking.

If Escobar had bothered to reach out to the Nottingham Latin American community, we would have respectfully asked them to celebrate our culture. Instead, they have chosen to capitalise from our history while excluded us from the bar by celebrating our painful past.

Like many other LatinX, I will not be recommending or visiting this bar for the reasons above. I will not be part of a company that looks to further exploit and benefit from the legacy of a man who should not be celebrated.

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