Stop the school board from segregating the kindergartners to one school

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The Escanaba superintendent is advising our school board to segregate all of the Beginner and Regular Kindergartners to one school. That school being Webster. This will then eliminate parents being able to have children in kindergarten in the school closest to home, work, or family. They will also then have to switch schools again for first grade, fourth grade, and seventh grade. This is just a few of the problems segregating kindergartners would create.

This would also make it difficult for parents to pick up multiple ages of children at all different schools. For example a kindergartner at Webster, a second grader at Lemmer, and a fifth grader at the Upper Elementary.

This will also eliminate the new kindergartners to be in school with older siblings in grades first through third grades. Sometimes having a older sibling in the same school makes things less scary for the littles.

Staff. The poor kindergarten staff will have to pack up classrooms then unpack the classroom yet again all before school next year. Timelines are SO right currently. Why rush to this huge change? 

Also this would be a huge change for the children currently attending Webster. They will now be sent to Lemmer or Soo Hill schools. 

I hope that this petition will slow the school board decision process. Talk to the parents. The teachers. Support staff. Take the time. DO NOT RUSH this decision that affects our littles. 

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