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Chelsey Ramer graduated from High School, an accomplishment to be proud of. Yet, she was denied enjoyment of this accomplishment due to wearing a feather as part of her graduation dress. America prides itself on freedom of speech and expression, and Chelsey was paying respect to her heritage, she finished High School, she deserves her diploma and her total fine reimbursed.

Letter to
Escambia Academy High School
Randy Skipper, Executive Director Alabama Independent School Association
Interim Headmaster David Walker
Give Chelsey Ramer Her Diploma and Reimburse Her Fine

Life is about learning. We partake in twelve grades of education, earning credits, gaining countless knowledge along the way. After completing these grades, the accomplishment is a High School Diploma. A female by the name of Chelsey Ramer was denied her Diploma due to wearing a feather in her graduation cap, that symbolizes her Native American heritage. America prides itself on freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of expression. It was the Native Americans who helped provide us those rights. In denying Mrs. Ramer her Diploma, they are denying her those three rights. She was given the option to sign a pre-graduation contract, to which she declined. However, Chelsey met all of the graduation requirements. In doing so, she has EARNED that diploma, just as much as anybody else. With her school being classified as "Christian", this is grounds for religious discrimination. I ask that Chelsey Ramer be given her diploma, and reimbursed for her $1000 fine.

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