Lets Make Internet a Safer Place for Kids and Teens

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As parents, our kids are the most precious and a treasurable part of our lives. We try our best to keep them safe from anything corrupt, because we want a bright future for them. After all, kids and teens are easily influenced, making it indispensable for us to keep an eye on them always, and teach them about being sharp in various aspects of life.

This involves sharing knowledge about internet protection, which is equally as vital as teaching them the nitty-gritties of “real world” physical precautions. The childhood adages of “not talking to strangers” and additional sayings, all have their digital counterparts. So, if your kids/teens use the internet, you need to be proactive and express concern on its usage.

Take it from the 24 year old, Linda Patiño who has been a victim of online harassment, receiving kidnapping and rape threats, now using ICTs to promote internet safety. She along with youngsters from the “25 Under 25” group are spreading awareness about the various dangers of the digital world, while using the internet as a force for GOOD!

Think about it: children/teens nowadays have the potential of being exposed to more unsuitable and downright unsafe/inappropriate content. We probably never had the same exposure back in the day, because we did not have access to the internet. Cyber stalking, sextortion, cyber bullying, online predation, and this is just the beginning of it all.

The internet can become a dangerous, dangerous place. Regardless of whether on social media, chat rooms, forums, or online gaming, there are enough vicious, unintelligent, and small-minded individuals, who may make sexual advances on your kids, heap verbal insults, swear at them, or even strike at their religious or ethnic backgrounds.

As such, we all need to take steps to guarantee the internet becomes a benign, harmless and welcoming place for kids/teens, not something overwhelming. It is all of our jobs to protect and guide them regarding safe practices to follow, because ONE person cannot do everything. However, once we have joined hands towards keeping our kids/teens safe online, we can all do something.

Do you want to make a difference? Play your role in spreading awareness about internet child safety? If the answer is yes, now is the time to advocate for inclusiveness. Become a voice in Safer Internet Day and raise your voice in how the internet is run, spread knowledge about increasing IoT security, social security and support innovative ways for the next billion to come online. Be a hero and learn how you can shape tomorrow!

Let us all strive to make a better, safer and happier place for our netizens to enjoy the internet. Let's make internet a better place.