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Save Coach Powel and the Norristown Coaching Staff!

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A petition was started to remove the Norristown Football coach, Jason Powel and his staff. 

Their Claim: "Parents, Coaches, and Norristown Citizens are concerned that in the four years of Coach Powell’s tenure, reasonable expectations for the football program have not been met. It is our belief that it is time to take a serious, and thoughtful look at the staff, program, and communication system and make significant, helpful changes. These changes include, but are not limited to, the resignation of Coach Powell."

Our Claim: Over the past 4 years, Coach Powel took on the incredible task of trying to change and improve the Norristown Football Program. The Parents, Coaches, and Norristown Citizens who are NOT supportive the Norristown Football Program as a whole, cannot have a say in who coaches our boys. It is the Parents, Coaches, and Norristown Citizens who are an ACTIVE part in the football community and who fully support the program by being PRESENT week after week. It is those Parents who volunteer their time,money, energy and represent the Norristown Football Program in a positive light who have a say on who coaches our boys. It is the Coaches who desperately want to teach these kids that have a say. It is the Norristown Citizens who wish to see EVERY SINGLE BOY SUCCEED who have a say.  WE HAVE A SAY. WE SAY KEEP COACH POWEL!

Coach has done some amazing things in his 4 years here. Volunteering, Giving out of his own pocket, mentoring, and seeing past flaws to the talent underneath. All you need to do it Google it, Facebook It, Insta it. It is there. Record of it. Pictures of it. Mentions of it all.

PAC 10 1st and 2nd All Team, Honors to athletes during Hall of Champions, PAC 10 All Citizen Honors, PAC 10 All Academic. This could not have happened without Coach!!! 

Rome was not Built in one day. 


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