Stop making war between Eritreans in Israel

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The Eritrean Embassy in israel is organizing , the government supporters against the Eritrean justice seekers, who are suffering so many problems in Israel. As we have seen in mass- media , the goverment of israel stops the deportion of African asylum seekers to third country, so, The Eritrean asylum seekers are in a better condition in these months, The Eritrean goverment do not want those Eritreans to be in a stable situation , in order not to be in harmony and organization against his dictatorial ideology.To disturb their life the Embassy organize a group of young Eritreans who supports the government  named as "FANOT SEMAETAT "to harm and kill those innocent justice and asylum seekers in israel.

We would like to ask the goverment of israel , to make more attention on that issue, to identify those who are organized in groups by the Embassy and to take legal measures on the Embassy and those individuals.

Eritrean Justice seekers from Italy!