Vancouver Park Board making boating a recreation for only the wealthy.

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João Carlos d'Almeida
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Members of Burrard Civic Marina: the Vancouver Park Board is making boating a recreation for only the wealthy by singling out boat owners at Burrard Civic Marina with an excessive 8% rate increase; a rate 400% higher than charged to other Park Board users. Park Board has stated that the rate will continue to climb until it is a total of 30% above the current level. These increases make it increasingly difficult for families, seniors and people of average income to enjoy the recreational waters of Vancouver.  For decades, Burrard Civic Marina has provided the Park Board with annual profits of approximately $1,000,000.00/year to  subsidize users of other Park Board facilities. In return, the Park Board has invested the bare minimum to keep the marina afloat; the result, Burrard Civic Marina is now the most dilapidated, marina in the Vancouver area.

Boat owner at Burrard Civic Marina: if you would like to have the Park Board reconsider this excessive 8% (eventually 30%) rate increase, please make your voice count by signing this petition to roll back the rate increase. Help the BCMCA in their ongoing efforts to fight this increase and  once again make boating affordable for everyone.

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