Remove Erin Molan from TV and Radio

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Erin Molan is a TV presenter on the channel 9 sports program “The Footy Show” and sports commentator on 2GB Continuous Call.

Erin has been in her job for 8 years and still is unable to pronounce the names of Players who make up 45 - 50% of the League she comments on. 
Last week Erin mocked the names of Pasifika players within the Rugby League and is still refusing to apologise or see the error in her ways.

In any other arena failing to say a name correctly or not even attempting to say a name  correctly brings great shame and remorse. This is because we KNOW how much a name means! 
It is someone’s family, their heritage, their values and sometimes the very reason the person strives so hard to - “do their family Name Proud”

It is disrespectful to an entire family.

Think about what YOUR name means to YOU!

The other side is of this is Toxic work environments and the perpetuation of Toxic behaviour;

Erin is creating a Toxic environment where she works, just listen to the other commentators response.

She MUST go.

Erin is in an extremely protected situation being a woman in sports commentary and having a influential Father. This means critics are seen as detractors of her accomplishments as a female sports presenter; And further are reluctant to speak up against her due to her Fathers influences with politics and the media community.


Lets’ not forget when she picked on Dave Taylor, at least she apologised then...

I am creating this petition so the people who want to show their disgust are able to.