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Petaluma Housing Crisis - Just Cause Eviction

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North Bay Organizing Project - Petaluma Branch


Because the Petaluma City Council has failed to take action to protect renters;

Because the entire Bay Area including Petaluma face a long-term housing crisis; and,

Because the failure to protect renters is critical to allowing working families to live in Petaluma;

We, the undersigned expect the City Council to protect renters by passing a JUST CAUSE EVICTION ORDINANCE that includes protections for both renters and landlords:

A landlord may take action to terminate a tenancy in  one of the following conditions applies:

Failure to pay rent; breach of terms of the lease; failure to cease creating a nuisance in the rental unit; tenant conduct that violates state and/or federal criminal law or that destroys the peace, quiet, comfort, or safety of the Landlord or other tenants at the property; failure to give access to the property as required by law; the Landlord, pursuant to state law, wants to recover possession of the Rental Unit in good faith for use and occupancy as a Primary Residence by the Landlord or family members; and the Landlord wants to withdraw the rental unit from the rental market.

In addition:

- A Landlord shall not take any action to terminate a tenancy as a result of the addition to the Rental Unit of a Tenant’s child, parent, grandchild, grandparent, brother, or sister, or the spouse or domestic partner (as defined in California Family Code Section 297) of such relatives, or as a result of the addition of the spouse or domestic partner of a Tenant, so long as the number of occupants does not exceed the maximum number of occupants as determined under Section 503(b) of the Uniform Housing Code as incorporated by California Health & Safety Code 17922.
- In the case of substantial repairs that require the tenant to move out they will have the first right of return to reoccupy the unit upon completion of the repairs at the same Rent charged to the Tenant before the Tenant temporarily vacated the Rental Unit or the Tenant elects to accept an offer to move to a comparable vacant Rental Unit at the same Rent.
- The landlord shall provide funds for relocation assistance In cases where a tenant must move from a rental unit because the landlord is withdrawing it from the rental market; when the landlord is making necessary and substantial repairs that require the tenant to vacate the rental unit; or is engaging in an owner move-in.

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