To prove to the EPS that the students and parents have a voice!

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There has been a recent update in the Erie's Public School's dress code. This update has forbade the ability to wear sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets and any outerwear during the school day. Knowing the lack of heat in our current schools, such as Collegiate Academy, this will make students cold and miserable during cold days. I also understand this may be for a safety precaution. It is possible students may be able to hide weapons or drugs into their jackets or hoodies, but has the administration considered the fact that weapons and drugs can be hidden in any kinds of clothing? How about instead of punishing the children for something out of their control, take control of the situation by increasing the security in the schools. Security cameras, more supervision, bag checks; all of these are better solutions than stripping away our apparel. I hope you sign this petition to show the administration that we believe this change is unnecessary and unfair to the students.