Help free Valentino Dixon, an innocent man wrongfully convicted!

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Valentino Dixon was sentenced to 33 years to life in prison after a jury wrongfully convicted him of 2nd-degree murder, despite the fact that there was no physical evidence implicating him, and his conviction was solely based on unreliable eyewitness testimonies. Meanwhile, more than 10 witnesses say that Valentino didn't commit the crime, and the actual shooter has confessed multiple times.

Valentino was convicted based on false evidence. Three men testified that Valentino was the shooter. One was on cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol at the time of the incident. The second initially said that he was not sure if the shooter was Valentino because it happened so quickly, but later claimed that it was Valentino, adding that his memory gets better with time. The third witness told a private investigator that he gave false testimony at trial because of threats from the District Attorney.

The entire trial proceedings should be called into question. The two witnesses who said that Valentino was not the shooter were charged with perjury by the prosecutor, which prevented them from testifying. And Valentino’s defense lawyer didn’t make an opening statement and didn’t call a single witness to the stand.

The real shooter has confessed 5 times on record. The shooter himself says that Valentino is innocent. 

Valentino Dixon is innocent. He has been in prison for 26 years for a crime he didn’t commit. He has appealed three times, but all were rejected. 

Please sign our petition to urge Erie County District Attorney's Office to overturn Valentino Dixon’s wrongful conviction.


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